1956 Lincoln Continental, Mark II, with Air Conditioning
A Classic to Restore
FOR SALE, $21,000
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I bought this car to restore because I love it and it is such an
icon of the 50s.  So many celebrities wanted to be seen in the
Mark II - like Elvis and Sinatra - and I thought it would be fun
to bring one back to life.  This is such a special car that I
believe it should be restored.  When it's done, it will be amazing.

This 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II ran and drove well
when I put it into storage two years ago.  At that time, the V-8
engine started right up; I haven't tried it since then.  At that
time, the only mechanical issue I noticed was that the fuel
pump leaked a little bit, and I didn't replace that before I stored
the car.  The body is solid and straight.  The paint is cracked
and chipped in a few places, and there are a couple of areas on
the passenger side where sections of paint are missing.  There's
some visible surface rust in those areas, but no soft spots from
what I can tell.  On each front fender is a small spot that may
have been patched (possibly with bondo).  The hood ornament,
antenna, chrome, and badging are present, as well as 4 Mark II
hubcaps, which are in a separate box.  There are other Lincoln
hubcaps on the car.

Most of the interior is in good shape.  The seats especially are
really nice.  The car has power steering, power brakes, power
4-way front seat, radio, air conditioning, and a heater (some or
all of which may need some work - I haven't tested
everything).  The headliner looks pretty good, with some
staining.  The trim that runs horizontally around the inside of
the car is cracked in both the front and the back.  All knobs
and levers are present on the dash, including the lighter.  The
odometer reads 98,311.

Please check out all of the pictures, which show everything
I've described here (and more!).  This is a nice, solid
restoration project.  When it's done, it should fetch six figures.  
I sure wish that I could keep this one and do it myself, but I've
gotta trim down my collection.  I hope that there's a Lincoln
lover out there who wants to restore this car.  Are you the one?

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Mark II Hubcaps (boxed separately)
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