1939 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe
Project Car
FOR SALE, $9,500
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Wow - this is a great 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe body!  The previous
owner had started in on rodding this car, and I picked it up with the plan
of restoring it.  Unfortunately for me, the body has been put onto a
different frame.  If I were a customizer, I'd take it off of the current
frame and use the body to make an awesome rod.  As it is, I've got a
couple of restoration projects already going, and have decided to sell this
project to somebody who's been looking for a '39 Zephyr body.

The lines are straight on this body.  There's surface rust on the car, but
overall it's in strong, solid shape.  As is to be expected, areas around the
bottom and the back bumper area are a bit eaten away, but those spots are
easily patched.  Aside from a couple of weeks not long ago, when these
photos were taken, I've kept this car inside and out of the elements.  The
previous owner did too, which is why the car's in such solid shape.
The engine and running gear are no longer in this car, so
you've got the space to drop in whatever you want.  And,
unlike so many cars that are in this condition, the serial tag
is still in place.  Right on!

Please contact me if you want to haggle on the price.  It's
time for me to clear this one out!  
Yes, this car
is for sale!

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